Why do couples exchange Rings with Vows


When many people think about a wedding, it is usually the thought of the bride’s gown, the decor and the wedding cake that excites them. However, these are not the most important during the ceremony. The wedding vows and rings are the highlights of the day. But have you ever paused to think about why vows have to be made and rings exchanged? The following discussion explains this ritual which has been observed in weddings since the ancient times.

1. The ring

wedding ringThe wedding rings are usually simple and perfect. The shape means that they have no beginning nor end. It symbolizes that the love that is given by one partner will come back to him or her. They also symbolize commitment in the marriage. When you are wearing your wedding ring, you should do so with love since it is a reminder of who you are, where you have come from and the direction you are taking in your life. However, it is not only a reflection of you but also of who you are with your partner.

The ring is also a symbol of unity and wholeness with each other too. It gives you strength to honor the commitments made happily. It should remind you that marriage should not be viewed as a destination. It is a journey. It has a beginning but not an end. The moments should be used in showing love and experiencing love from your partner.

Also, the circle represents boundaries. This means that the love has boundaries. It should only be between the two of you. Also, it should remind you to return to the person you took a vow to share your life with forever no matter how far from home you wander.

The circle has no seams. Also, there are no weakness points. Therefore, this means that there are no breaks in between your love. At no point should you choose to take a break or cause disruption in the flow of love. The items are special because they communicate the unique way you have chosen to bond and allow another human presence to enhance your being.

The ring also tells others that you are married. However, let this not be an empty display. Remember that love has to be offered. It is not just meant to be felt. Words alone cannot be a show of love. You need to commit acts of love to remind your partner that he or she is still your choice in the entire world.

Once the ring is worn for the first time, it feels unnatural on your finger. The weight might bother you and the clinking on objects while you go on with your normal duties might distract you. But over time you become used to it. It becomes like an extension of the hand. Since it is a symbol of your love, it should never be taken off.

2. The ring material

Many of the wedding rings are made of precious stones including gold, diamonds, and silver. Some like gold and diamond have been made through purification by fire. Thus, this should tell you of the wealth that leaves inside each of you. Also, remember that just as the stones have been purified by fire so should your love for each other be; becoming stronger through each fire you have to go through during the marriage course.

Nobody wants to tarnish precious jewels because they have been procured at a cost. That means that the love you share for each other should not be tarnished at any circumstance. It is more precious that the most valuable jewels in the world and it should be protected at any cost.

3. Vows

The bride and groom have to say their vows separately. Remember that words which have been spoken cannot be taken back. This means that the promises which are made should be kept. The vows are said before their rings are exchanged. During the history of humanity, there are usually tokens chosen as reminders when pledges are made. That is why the rings have to be exchanged. Words cannot be held onto. Once they have been said they will be blown away by the wind. That is why the rings are the vessels which have to be used to hold onto the vows which have been exchanged.